Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Karen H

Recently my Nana passed away which was difficult in itself just because of the emotions that it caused as we were quite close. She had made me the executor of her will which I had no previous experience with. One of the duties of being her executor was to sell her condo. I live in an apartment and have for many years. I have never owned a house or condo and therefore had no experience in this area of life either. Michael Maniaci came very highly recommended from other members of my family so I called him and explained my situation. He was incredibly helpful through the whole process. He took care of everything from start to finish with very little involvement from me. He kept me in the loop through every step of the process while asking me the right questions and offering the wisdom of his experience. He was very considerate of my emotional state, gave me the space I needed to deal with my personal feelings all while managing to keep everything on schedule, not to mention that he was constantly driving back and forth from Mississauga which is where the condo was. Michael Maniaci goes above and beyond for his clients? no matter the situation. I could never have dealt with this huge responsibility without his cool head and warm heart! Thank you Michael for making this challenging situation run smoothly and efficiently!

By: Cy Farhan

I lived next door to Michael for several years and new him and his wife well. I'm always cautious about working with friends and family, but I knew that, despite our relationship, I could trust Michael to look out for my best interests. He not only sold my house for more than he said he could, he handled the entire deal with love. He was always in communication with me on every detail, and sometimes even when there was no news - it was always nice to get the call. I've since recommended Michael to a few of my other family members who mentioned they were going to sell soon and look forward to hearing their glowing reviews as well. Thanks Again Michael, Cy

By: Daniel & Christina Corsetti

Thank you to a real estate agent who understands the importance of patience, perseverance and commitment to his clients’ needs and wishes. Thank you @maniacirealestate !!!!